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August 19 25, 2012
Kazan, Russia
19 25 2012 .


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  1. Gorshkov A.B., Lapygin V.I., Mikhalin V.A., Sazonova T.V., Fofonov D.M. On application of ideal gas model for optimization of a body configuration in supersonic flow   (Abstract;  Paper)
  2. Ktalkherman M.G., Namyatov I.G., Emelkin V.A. Numerical and experimental investigation of naphta pyrolysis in the fastmixing reactor   (Abstract;  Paper)
  3. Chung K.M., Chang K.C., Chang P.H. Investigation on compressible bi-convex corner flows   (Abstract;  Paper)
  4. Plogmann B., Wuerz W., Kraemer E. Interaction of a three-dimensional roughness element with a TS-wave near an airfoil leading edge   (Abstract;  Paper)
  5. Alexeev M.M., Smirnova I.V. Conditions of spin flame front formationpropagating in a narrow slot   (Abstract;  Paper)
  6. Baev V.K. Perforated and porous discs drag coefficient    (Abstract;  Paper)
  7. Baev V.K., Bazhaykin .N., Frolov .D. Measuring local heat flow of radiant burner with porous checker by photoelectrical photosensor    (Abstract;  Paper)
  8. Bazhaykin A.N. Experimental research of mixing axisymmetrical jet in the channel with per-meable walls and close ends   (Abstract;  Paper)
  9. Kraiko A.N., Pyankov K.S., Tillayeva N.I. General theory of axisymmetric conic and locally conic flows and reflection of stationary shock waves from the axis of symmetry   (Abstract;  Paper)
  10. Petrov M.G. On test programs of aircraft structures   (Abstract;  Paper)
  11. Tukmakov A.L. Numerical modelling of the aerosol dusting in the electrostatic field   (Abstract;  Paper)
  12. .., .., .., ..
    Application of the complex of techniques for investigating the materials stability at high temperature and high-velocity effect   (Paper)
  13. Ozhgibesov M.S., Leu T.S., Cheng C.H., Utkin A.V., Fomin V.M., Golovnev I.F. Numerical studies of flows through micro- and nano-channels with different boundary conditions   (Paper)
  14. Shevchenko A.M., Kavun I.N., Kharitonov A.M., Shmakov A.S. Experimental investigation of unsteady regimes in vortex wake / shock interactions   (Abstract;  Paper)
  15. Terekhov V.I., Kalinina S.V. Sharov K.A. The features of dynamics for the liquid droplets crossing the interface of immiscible media   (Paper)
  16. Fomin V.M., Chirkashenko V.F., Kharitonov A.M., Volkov V.F. Control of sonic boom parameters and aerodynamic drag by cryogenic action on the flow-around process   (Abstract;  Paper)
  17. Fomin V.M., Chirkashenko V.F., Volkov V.F., Kharitonov A.M. Investigation of the parameters of a sonic boom from a civil aircraft with non-conventional configuration   (Abstract;  Paper)
  18. Mosharov V.E., Radchenko V.N., Senyuev I.V. Some aspects of pyrometry of "white" objects    (Abstract;  Paper)
  19. Yakovenko S.N. Statistical moment reproduction in a turbulent region forming above a hill located in a stably stratified flow   (Abstract;  Paper)
  20. Musakaev N.G., Khasanov M.K., Stolpovskii M.V. Numerical research of formation of gas hydrates in a porous media due to injection of a gas   (Abstract;  Paper)
  21. Goldfeld M.A., Starov A.V., Timofeev K.Yu. Direct measurement of concentration at mixing in the hot-shot facility   (Abstract;  Paper)
  22. Gounko Yu.P., Mazhul I.I. Experimental investigation of a supersonic three dimensional inlet arranged with the throat controlled by slotted flaps   (Abstract;  Paper)
  23. Gounko Yu.P., Mazhul I.I. Numerical study of high supersonic flow over double skew wedges arranged on a pre-compression ramp   (Abstract;  Paper)
  24. Goldfeld M.A., Starov A.V., Timofeev K.Yu. Conception of minichannel as the source of self-ignition at high supersonic speed   (Abstract;  Paper)
  25. Sander T., Altenhoefer P., Pfitzner M., Mundt Ch. Temperature measurements using laser-induced electrostrictive gratings and laser-induced thermal gratings    (Paper)
  26. Gorshkov A.B. Simulation of nonequilibrium hypersonic base flow behind space vehicle   (Abstract;  Paper)
  27. Gubaidullin A.A., Boldyreva O.Yu., Dudko D.N. Wave processes in porous medium containing gas hydrate    (Abstract;  Paper)
  28. Gounko Yu.P., Mazhul I.I., Kharitonov A.M. Experimental study of starting flow patterns over a multipylon intake integrated with a forebody at high supersonic velocities   (Abstract;  Paper)
  29. Potapkin .V., Moskvichev D.Yu. Calculation of pressure field in the problem of sonic boom from various thin axisymmetric bodies    (Abstract;  Paper)
  30. Potapkin .V., Moskvichev D.Yu. Influence of local change of flow temperature on the parameters of sonic boom from the thin axisymmetric body   (Abstract;  Paper)
  31. Soudakov V.G., Egorov I.V., Fedorov A.V. Computational studies of laminar-turbulent tran-sition on a sharp cone with local heating or cooling   (Abstract;  Paper)
  32. Tolkachev S.N., Gorev V.N., Zharkova G.M., Kovrizhina V.N. Experimental techniques of the study of vortex structures caused by point injection on the leading edge of the oblique wing   (Abstract;  Paper)
  33. Tolkachev S.N., Gorev V.N., Kozlov V.V. Liquid-crystal thermography method for the study of stages of instability developing in the cross flow on the leading edge of the oblique wing   (Abstract;  Paper)
  34. Fedyaev V.L., Morenko I.V., Serazetdinov N.Z. Hydrodynamics and heat transfer at flow of monodisperse compound around a circular cylinders  (Abstract;  Paper)
  35. Stark R., Genin C., Wagner B., Koschel W. The altitude adaptive dual bell nozzle   (Abstract;  Paper)
  36. Yermolaev Yu.G., Kosinov A.D., Semionov N.V., Yatskih A.A. Impulse of glow discharge in supersonic boundary layer on flat plate   (Abstract;  Paper)
  37. Semionov N.V., Kosinov A.D., Yermolaev Yu.G. Experimental study of nonlinear processes of three-dimensional supersonic boundary layer   (Paper)
  38. Vasenev L.G., Vnuchkov D.A., Zvegintsev V.I., Lukashevich S.V., Shiplyuk A.N. Aerodynamic drag measuring for two consistently located axisymmetrical models during their separation    (Abstract;  Paper)
  39. Vasenev L.G., Zvegintsev V.I., Kharitonov A.M., Shiplyuk A.N., Shpak S.I. Comparison of the velosity distributions at the conical and contoured nozzles of hypersonic wind tunnel -303   (Abstract;  Paper)
  40. Vasenev L.G., Zvegintsev V.I., Shpak S.I. Measuring of pressure distribution on surface of re-entry vehicle model at high flow velocities    (Abstract;  Paper)
  41. Miau J.J., Fang C.H., Chen M.C., Wang J.T. On the initial transition of flow over a circular cylinder from sub-critical to critical regimes    (Abstract;  Paper)
  42. Gilyov V.M., Shpak S.I., Garkusha V.V., Mishnev A.S., Shevchenko D.O., Yakovlev V.V. Universal hardware and software complex for aerodynamic experimental data acquisition systems   (Abstract;  Paper)
  43. Gilyov V.M., Garkusha V.V., Zvegintsev V.I., Shiplyuk A.N., Shpak S.I., Yakovlev V.V. Structure of data acquisition system of experimental researches in the hypersonic wind tunnel   (Abstract;  Paper)
  44. Bazhenov V.G., Kotov V.L., Linnik E.Yu. About applicability of local interaction models for definition of forces of resistance to introduction of the blunted bodies of revolution in the nonlinear-compressible soil   (Abstract;  Paper)
  45. Ryashin N.S., Sova A.A., Smurov I. , Kosarev V.F., Klinkov S.V. Influence of scanning conditions on coating properties   (Abstract;  Paper)
  46. Panina A.V., Kosinov A.D., Semionov N.V., Yermolaev Yu.G. Mach number influence on wave-train generation and development in supersonic boundary layer   (Abstract;  Paper)
  47. Plevako N.B., Zolotarev S.L. Evaluations of supersonic high-temperature air flows parameters   (Abstract;  Paper)
  48. Kalimullina A., Gansel Ph., Illi S., Lutz T. Spectral analysis of unsteady pressure coefficients near the wing trailing edge    (Abstract;  Paper)
  49. Kosinov A.D., Panina A.V., Semionov N.V., Yermolaev Yu.G. On nonlinear wave interaction in spanwise modulated supersonic boundary layer   (Abstract;  Paper)
  50. Gaisbauer U., Weigand B. Overview and recent results of the Research Training Group - GRK 1095/2 Aero-Thermodynamic Design of a Scramjet Propulsion System   (Paper)
  51. Knauss H., Edelmann N., Smorodsky B., Neutz J., Bluemcke E. A new method in characterising airbag inflator performance    (Paper)
  52. Wu Yingchuan, He Xuzhao, Le Jialing. Osculating Inward turning Cone Waverider/Inlet (OICWI) Design Analysis and Experimental Study   (Paper)
  53. Yi-Shen Chen, Chin-Hsiang Cheng, Chun-I Lee, Shiauh-Ping Jung, Chi-Chang Chen, Ozhgibesov Mikhail Water Formation and Flooding Phenomena in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells   (Paper)
  54. Chin-Hsiang CHENG Stirling Engine Technology and Its Application on Solar Power Generation   (Abstract;  Paper)
  55. Kravtsov A.N., Lunin V.Yu., Melnichuk T.Yu. On new features of supersonic axisymmetric gas flows   (Abstract;  Paper)

ICMAR 2012

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